Our Story

Welcome to PNK Beauty, your destination for Lash-Pro Supplies, where lashes transcend aesthetics and become a symbol of transformative power. Each lash you create carries a story of passion and dedication, while every Lash-Pro product we craft exudes professional excellence and meticulous care. PNK Beauty is here to empower you to conquer your lash game, unlocking the true essence of beauty and confidence for your clients. When you choose PNK Beauty, you choose a promise to deliver premium lash treatments that leave a lasting impression of quality and professionalism. Your dreams are our fuel, and together, we'll ignite a mark that radiates passion and inspiration. Embrace the edgy power of beauty as you embark on your lash journey - with PNK Beauty by your side, you are the"i" in PNK. 

Rest assured, our Lash-Pro meet Australian regulatory standards, and we are a registered company with AICIS. Each cosmetic product undergoes rigorous assessment by professional cosmetic and pharmacologist consultants, ensuring safety for your clients. We take a stand for beauty without cruelty. Our products are never tested on animals, and we strive to choose vegan and recyclable options whenever possible. With nearly 15 years of unrivalled expertise in the lash game, we've been pioneers in developing Lash-Pro Supplies from the very beginning, investing up to years in research and testing before each product hits the market. You can confidently offer your cherished clients unparalleled quality. Customise your lash services with our extensive range of edgy lash styles, lengths, and materials. Find the perfect fit for every design and stying preference.