Professional eyelash tweezers Staleks Pro Expert 41 Type 10 (Straight)

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Professional eyelash tweezers Staleks Pro Expert 41 Type 10 (Straight)


Staleks produce the highest quality tools. Stainless medical grade steel imported from Spain is used for all instrument manufacturing. This sort of steel is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and has unmatched hardness, ensuring long-lasting sharpness.


After more than 10 years of trialling and testing professional lash extension tweezers, Staleks have become our most adored and favourite brand. They are of the highest quality, precision and reliability.


  • Long thin and straight nose that means it is convenient to grab and separate natural eyelashes
  • Improved visibility with extra-long and thin handles
  • Manual sharpening and flawlessly polished working part
  • Satin covering that has no reflective effect
  • Soft and smooth stroke due to three outer radius grooves on the body of the tweezers it means the hand of the stylist makes less effort during the procedure and get less tired
  • Stainless steel medical tweezers and it means that any disinfection and sterilisation methods are available
  • Tweezers length 135 mm, weight 20 g

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